With the weight of the body supported students learn how to achieve proper postural alignment through relaxation rather than effort. Producing a peaceful state of mind & a wonderful feeling of lightness in the body

  1. Alleviate muscle tension, neck & back pain - Chiropractor in a sling!
  2. Promotes increased joint mobility & health by taking the weight off them for a change.
  3. Increases the circulation of blood, lymph & energy - literally, refreshing you
  4. Stimulates the release of happy hormones (seratonin & dopamine) - for that drug free feeling of elation.
  5. Improved concentration & mental functioning
  6. Core strengthening - essential for good spinal health and posture in this desk-bound age.
  7. Perform advanced yoga inversions without back or neck compression.
  8. Hold challenging yoga postures longer and in correct alignment.
  9. Create better body awareness and agility - or grace of movement.
  10. Learning of new skills: a creative & artistic fitness experience that's fun & enjoyable